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What is it Like to Live in a Sober Living Home in South Florida?

Addiction is a lifelong condition that affects millions of people in the United States. Because it can never be truly cured, people with a substance use disorder or addiction must take steps to manage it for the rest of their lives.

While many people do not get the treatment they need to overcome addiction, those who do may participate in a range of therapies and services that help them identify the condition’s roots and manage its symptoms.

Having physical, emotional, and practical support is crucial at every stage of recovery. Early in recovery, this support is even more critical. Sober living homes in South Florida provide a safe, structured place for people in early recovery to practice the skills they learned in treatment. The supportive environment of sober living homes can be a bridge between rigorous addiction treatment programs and the freedom of daily life. 

If you or a loved one need substance abuse treatment or want to learn more about sober living in West Palm Beach, reach out to the Mandala Healing Center specialists today. 

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a homelike facility where people can live while recovering from addiction. Residents of sober living homes have private bedrooms but share communal spaces. They may eat and relax together but have the freedom to work, go to school, and socialize outside the home. Sober living communities often have staff members who spend time with residents and offer both emotional and practical support. Staff may assist with job searches, refer residents to community resources, and help with financial assistance applications. 

Sober living homes also have live-in house managers who monitor the other residents, facilitate random drug tests and breathalyzer tests, and enforce rules in the home.

Sober living in West Palm Beach offers an ideal location for people to practice sobriety with the support of addiction treatment professionals and peers. 

How Sober Living Homes Support Addiction Recovery

Research shows that people who spend more time in addiction treatment programs have better outcomes than those who rely on shorter periods of treatment or detox only.[1] Sober living homes act as an extension of structured treatment but allow residents the freedom to balance responsibilities, work, and hobbies. Some benefits of structured sober living in South Florida include the following:[2]

  • Distance from triggers
  • Safe, stable housing
  • A new community of peers
  • Structure and rules that hold people accountable
  • Access to support staff 

These benefits can mean less chance of relapse and a better chance of long-term success. 

How Can Sober Living in West Palm Beach Help Me Transition Back into Daily Life?

Many people struggle with transitioning back into the “real world” after leaving the safety and structure of rehab. During treatment, people follow a strict schedule that allows for therapy sessions, medical visits, relaxation, work, and mental health treatment. When you leave rehab, you are faced with balancing those responsibilities–plus chores, meals, travel, and other things–on your own. You may also face triggers, including people, places, and events, that can make the early days of recovery feel overwhelming. 

Spending time in a sober living home in South Florida can allow you to practice what you’ve learned in treatment while having the support you need to succeed. Regular meetings, drug screenings, access to support staff, and house rules can help you stay accountable. 

The early days of recovery can sometimes feel lonely. In rehab, you are surrounded by caring professionals and peers who understand what you’re going through. Some find that leaving rehab can feel lonely or isolating. People may not understand your challenges or offer non-judgmental listening and guidance. 

A sober living home offers a community of people who understand and want to support your sobriety. You will have a chance to form new relationships and develop accountability to your peers and the staff. While you will have privacy, you will also have people around who can understand where you are in recovery and what you’re living with. 

Choosing a Sober Living Home in South Florida

There are many sober living homes in South Florida, and choosing the right one can feel daunting. It’s essential to find a sober living community that offers safe,  high-quality care so you can feel comfortable and supported as you continue your recovery journey. 

There are several ways to find a sober living home in South Florida, including:

  • Asking your treatment facility staff for recommendations
  • Requesting information from a 12-step group leader
  • Asking friends and family for recommendations

The staff at Mandala Healing Center is committed to helping you find supportive sober living in West Palm Beach. Our treatment programs and sober living homes are designed to support and care for you at every step of your recovery from addiction. We believe that treatment programs should address addiction’s physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, and we work to adapt our care to meet people’s unique needs. 

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For more information about finding sober living in West Palm Beach or starting a substance abuse treatment program, reach out to the addiction specialists at Mandala Healing Center today.