Mandala Healing Center Privacy Policy

The information presented in the Privacy Policy below applies to all marketing collateral, services, communication portals, and websites that are owned by Mandala Healing Center as well as all subsidiaries and affiliate organizations. While the policy below encompasses all services of Mandala Healing Center, specific products and materials may have more extensive notices which may be posted individually. If there are any questions or concerns regarding this official Privacy Policy please do not hesitate to contact our corporate headquarters, either via or by mail at: Privacy Matters, Mandala Healing Center, 5408 East Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33407.

Collection and Use of Information Mandala Healing Center may collect the following information from users and clients to be retained and stored for specific use:

Information that is personally disclosed by the user:

When Mandala Healing Center is contacted by an individual, we collect any and all information that is submitted to us by the user. This information may then be submitted to third party companies so that we are able to improve upon our services and best meet the needs of the user. You may be provided with an option to opt out of this sharing of information. Your specific domain administrator has access to your account information and email address, and their specific privacy policy may differ rom our own. Please contact your administrator for more information.

The use of cookies:

The websites owned by Mandala Healing Center send cookies to the device you are using. These are used for purposes including the storage of user preferences, along with the optimization of search results and ad selection. Additionally, Mandala Healing Center utilizes cookies in our advertising methods to help advertisers and publishers manage their own online content distribution.

Log information:

When accessing the online pages of Mandala Healing Center via web server, mobile application, or other service not immediately defined within this agreement, submitted information is automatically logged and retained. This information includes web requests, service interaction, user Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type & language, date & time stamps of each request, as well as any cookies that are able to individually identify a user’s browser and/or account.

The communication of users: Any communication to, or with, Mandala Healing Center may be retained for the purpose of request processing and response, and quality assurance. SMS messages may be logged and stored, along with the information they contain. This information includes, but is not limited to, phone numbers and the wireless carrier of the device being used, message content, and transaction time stamps. Through use of our communication services and information submission you are granting Mandala Healing Center consent to contact you via email regarding the services we offer.

Affiliated Google searches not within the limits of Mandala Healing Center’s websites: Mandala Healing Center may offer services through websites other than our own. Information that is provided by the user on these pages may be provided to Google for the purpose of delivering the requested service or information. Said information is processed and defined under Mandala Healing Center’s official Privacy Policy, as noted in this text.

Third Party Applications

Third party applications, including plug-ins and extensions, may be made available by Mandala Healing Center during use of all company owned sites and portals. Information that is collected through this process is defined and protected within this agreement.

Location data: Location services, such as geographic tagging by use of a mobile or electronic device, can approximate information such as a cellular ID or Internet Protocol address. Mandala Healing Center employs the use of such services on company owned websites and portals.

Websites not affiliated with Mandala Healing Center: The Privacy Policy that is hereby defined within this text applies only to services and communication provided and performed by Mandala Healing Center. Websites that are displayed by way of search engine results that include Mandala Healing Center applications, products, or services, and/or hyperlinks that are contained within our pages are not controlled by, or property of, Mandala Healing Center. Websites that are not owned and maintained by our organization use their own privacy policies and may employ the use of their own cookie collection, data collection, and solicitation of personal information from the user independently of Mandala Healing Center.

In addition to the aforementioned conditions, Mandala Healing Center may use collected information for the purposes of:

  1. Providing, maintaining, and the protection of our services and intellectual property.
  2. Quality assurance and service improvement.
  3. The development of new services and pages.
  4. The protection of Mandala Healing Center and Mandala Healing Center’s client rights.
  5. Services, as defined in this text, include advertising policies.

Information that is collected and stored by Mandala Healing Center is processed on servers and domains that are based in the United States of America, as well as other countries not listed here. Personal information may be processed outside of the country in which you reside or access our services from.

User Options

While a majority of web browsers are designed to accept cookies by default, users may re-select options within their personal settings to block such cookies, or notify a user upon a cookie being sent. If cookies are disabled, some features and services of Mandala Healing Center may become unavailable.

Google and Yahoo search engines utilize retargeted advertising cookies on AdSense partner sites to help advertisers and publishers manage their own content across the web. You can view and edit your ad preferences associated with these cookies in your browser.

Sharing of User Information Mandala Healing Center shares user information with third party organizations and/or individuals in the following circumstances only:

  1. With user consent. Mandala Healing Center requires opt-in consent by the user before any collected information is shared or distributed.
  2. For the purpose of processing information on our behalf. We share user information with our subsidiaries, affiliated organizations or third parties for this purpose. These entities are bound by an agreement to process such information according to strict guidelines, set forth by us, in compliance with the Privacy Policy as noted in this text. All processing of information must comply with other security measures that are not hereby defined.
  3. Mandala Healing Center upholds the belief that any and all user information that is accessed, stored and/or disclosed is reasonably necessary to
    1. meet the outlines of any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable government request,
    2. meet any designated terms of service, as well as the investigation of suspected violations of such terms,
    3. for the purpose of detecting, preventing, and investigating fraud and/or security issues,
    4. the diagnosis of technical issues arising on any noted sites and/or platforms, and
    5. detecting and preventing the violation of any rights to the property and/or safety of Mandala Healing Center, its users, and the public as permitted by law.

Information Security

Mandala Healing Center hereby agrees to take adequate measures to safeguard against the unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of user information. These measures include the internal review of all information processes and security practices set in place.

Mandala Healing Center restricts the ability of organization employees, contractors, and agents to access user information. All individuals and entities are bound by confidentiality practices, and may be subject to disciplinary action, termination and criminal prosecution if these practices are not upheld.

The Accessing and Updating of Personal Information

Unless required by law, Mandala Healing Center agrees to make good effort to allow users access to their own personal information, for the purposes of amending incorrect data or deleting such data when necessary.

In order to complete this process, users will need to provide proof of identity and note the specific information they are referencing in a request to access, amend, or remove. Such requests may be denied based on certain grounds, including a request that is too repetitive or technologically unreasonable in nature, or if the request may jeopardize the confidentiality of other individuals.

When information is released or amended by Mandala Healing Center, it is done so at no cost to the user, in the exception of requests that require disproportionate effort on behalf of the organization. Copies of information may not be erased instantaneously, or may remain in our backup logs for an unspecified period of time.


Mandala Healing Center complies with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.- Swiss Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union member countries and Switzerland. Google has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view Google’s certification, please visit the Safe Harbor website.

Compliance of all privacy practices are regularly reviewed by Mandala Healing Center. In the event that a formal written complaint or concern is received by Mandala Healing Center, we uphold the policy that the user will be contacted regarding such complaint. Mandala Healing Center hereby agrees to cooperate with legal and regulatory officials in the process of resolving any formal complaints brought to the company’s attention if such issue cannot be resolved between Mandala Healing Center and the noted individual.

Privacy Policy Changes and Amendments

Mandala Healing Center reserves the right to change or amend this Privacy Policy at any point in time, without user consent.

Notice of Privacy Practices

This text provides information on ways in which medical data may be used and disclosed, as well as instructions on how users may gain access to their information.

Use and Disclosure: Treatment: User’s health information may be stored and reviewed by employees of Mandala Healing Center for the purpose of evaluation, diagnosis, and the delivery of treatment. User information may also be shared with outside healthcare entities for these purposes. You may receive information on your diagnosis and treatment from Mandala Healing Center, as well as information regarding other services that may be appropriate.

Payment and Payment Reminders: User information may be shared for the purpose of seeking payment from insurance companies, credit agencies, and/or banking companies. Information that may be shared includes dates of service, services provided, and diagnosis/course of treatment. Additionally, Mandala Healing Center utilizes user information to send reminders regarding payment and schedules.

Company Operations: User information may be relevant to the daily operations of Mandala Healing Center. Examples include organizational budgeting, reporting, and quality assurance.

Law Enforcement

User information may be released to law enforcement agencies without permission for purposes including government audits, inspection, the support of legal investigations, and for government-mandated reporting.

Public Health Issues: Public health agencies require that certain information be shared by law. This includes the reporting of certain communicable diseases to the state public health department.

Any use or release of user health information that is not detailed here requires specific authorization by the individual. Written revocation must be submitted should a user choose to rescind the use of their data. Revocation of information is not retroactive, and any data submitted previously cannot be retracted or erased.

Individual Rights

Federal privacy standards provide rights to users. These rights include:

  1. The right to request restrictions on the use and disclosure of protected health information.
  2. The right to receive confidential communication regarding your medical information and treatment.
  3. The right to inspect and receive a copy of your protected health information.
  4. The right to amend and submit corrections to your protected health information.
  5. The right to receive an accounting of how and to whom your protected health information has been disclosed.
  6. The right to receive a printed copy of this notice.

The Duties of Mandala Healing Center

It is required by law that Mandala Healing Center maintain and protect the confidentiality of individual’s protected health information, and to provide you with notice of our privacy practices, which are documented in this text. We are required to uphold the privacy policy that is documented here.

Right to Revision

Mandala Healing Center reserves the right to modify policy policies and practices at any time, as legally permitted. Such changes may be mandated by federal or state legislation. All amended policies will be applied to any and all protected health information which we possess.

Requests to Inspect Protected Health Information

Requests to review or receive copy of any protected health information must be submitted in writing, as required by law. Request forms may be obtained by contacting the medical records team or privacy officer at Mandala Healing Center. Any concerns regarding violation of rights should be documented in writing and brought to our attention immediately. It is prohibited by law for an individual to be penalized or retaliated against for filing such a grievance.

Point of Contact

For further information regarding the privacy practices of Mandala Healing Center, or to submit a written complaint or concern, please contact our privacy officer at [email protected].


Social Media Engagement Disclaimer:

Risks associated with the transmission of content via web are wholly assumed by the user. Users hereby accept the possibility that information submitted online cannot be absolutely protected against malware or intentional acts of malice. Mandala Healing Center does not exercise control over any third party sites or applications, or the network on which a user chooses to send protected health information and content. Therefore, Mandala Healing Center is unable to guarantee protection against compromises of user information. It is the responsibility of the user to exercise discretion when providing personal information online.

Additionally, the opinions, views, services, products, and content of others is neither endorsed nor sponsored by Mandala Healing Center on any social media pages owned and operated by our organization, subsidiaries or affiliate businesses.

Any content, including but not limited to user comments, photos, text, etc. that is shared or posted to Mandala Healing Center’s social media pages and websites becomes the property of Mandala Healing Center. By sharing content, you are granting an irrevocable right to Mandala Healing Center to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise use your submission for any purpose and in any form on any channel of media.

The user hereby agrees to absolve Mandala Healing Center of any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs, or expenses (including attorney’s fees and costs) that are incurred as a result of any material or content that has been posted. User data that is compiled by third party entities may be used for the purpose of marketing or advertising
within Mandala Healing Center. This information will not be shared or sold.

This policy may be updated or amended at any time. Each time a user accesses a social networking page that is operated by Mandala Healing Center, the most recent policy will be deemed effective.