Mandala's Alumni and Family Support Programs

As part of Mandala Healing Center’s Holistic approach, we recognize that treatment is only the beginning of the recovery process and a much longer journey comes after completion. Because of this, Mandala offers Alumni Support Services which are uniquely designed to meet the needs of all individuals who wish to utilize them, through venues such as: Follow up call support throughout the first year from the point of discharge; Social Media support; 24 hour phone/text support available; An expansive resourcing for connection with support communities; Weekly meetings; Monthly meetings, newsletters, outings, events and much more. In addition, Mandala recognizes the need for Family wellness, and so families are also followed up on periodically through the year and provided many of the same support systems mentioned for our Alumni. Both programs are always in a state of growth, as Mandala’s goal is to meet the needs of all those who come here throughout their journey. Rebecca Balko is our serving Director of Alumni and Family Support services and has a long background in the field of Addiction Treatment and Recovery, beginning in 1989. She was an A.D.C. Addiction Counselor in Birmingham, AL and upon moving to Florida in 2006, received C.A.C. and began to work as a Developer and Director of 2 Alumni programs. Rebecca is also in recovery herself, since October 4, 1988.