Assistance getting your loved one the help he or she needs.

Individuals suffering from addiction are usually incapable of seeking help on their own. Trying to convince a resistant family member to enter treatment can be a very difficult process. The unfortunate reality is that most people who suffer from addiction will never become willing to get the help they need until an intervening force disrupts the vicious cycle. Whether medical, legal, financial or marital, consequences of active drug addiction or alcoholism can be irreversible and devastating for the entire family.

Take Action With A Family Intervention

There is, however, an alternative option known as a Family Intervention. This is a process that empowers families to take action, rather than stand on the sidelines watching their loved one self-destruct. When attempting a Family Intervention, it is strongly recommended that families utilize an experienced professional such as a Board–Registered Interventionist or Certified National Drug and Alcohol Interventionist. Staging an intervention without a professional can be ineffective, and ultimately do more harm than good. When an experienced professional is invited to participate, it typically results in the person who is suffering from addiction agreeing to enter treatment immediately. Family Interventions work. They save lives.

Family Intervention
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Find The Right Interventionist In Our Network

The Mandala Healing Center has developed close, working relationships with a nation-wide network of professional interventionists. Their specializations cover a broad spectrum, including substance use disorders, gambling addiction, unresolved trauma and PTSD, and mental health disorders. If you are interested in learning more about the intervention process, please contact one of our Admissions Coordinators. They will further describe the process, assess your family’s needs, and recommend the most appropriate professional for your situation.


The Mandala Healing Center values the kind and generous words that both professionals and patients have shared with us. Thank you.