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How to Choose a Sober Living Home in West Palm Beach

Recovery from addiction does not end when someone finishes a rehab program. Addiction recovery requires ongoing commitment and engagement. Even after completing a treatment program, people are susceptible to having a relapse–a return to substance abuse after a period of abstinence. This happens when people do not have adequate support or don’t have the resources to engage in recovery.

Another major obstacle to staying sober is a lack of stable housing after treatment.[1] Many people who enter treatment for substance abuse have financial issues that make it difficult to find adequate housing. They may be forced to live with people who do not support their recovery or in housing that is not suitable for their needs.

For people who need more support in recovery or who do not have a stable housing option, sober living homes are a good option. If you or someone you love require ongoing support after substance abuse treatment, there are many high-quality sober living homes in West Palm Beach. Receiving the support you need makes it more likely that you will achieve your goal of lifelong sobriety.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a place where people in recovery live after completing inpatient rehab. Individuals live among others in recovery and have access to continued support. West Palm Beach has an active and engaged recovery community, making it a great place to get the ongoing care you need after rehab.

A sober living community usually consists of a group of people in recovery who share a living space. Residents may have their own private bedroom or a bedroom that is shared with one other person. All residents in the home share a kitchen and communal living space.

Residents in a sober living home have to follow some house rules, but enjoy the freedom to socialize, work, or attend school as they choose. A “house mom” or “house dad” is assigned to each house to support the residents and can often help with tasks such as applying for benefits, finding community resources, and assisting with job searches.

People who live in a sober living home after rehab often benefit from being able to practice using the skills they learned in treatment while surrounded by a supportive community of peers and staff members.

How to Choose the Right Sober Living Home in West Palm Beach

Since you will be living there, it is very important that you feel safe and comfortable in your sober living home. Asking questions and learning about the rules and requirements can help you make the best choice. In general, it is important to look for indications that the sober living home offers a safe and supportive environment. This includes:

  • Admission criteria: These may include a negative drug test, participation in group or 12-step support meetings, and financial requirements
  • Rules and requirements: Residents may be screened for drugs, have a curfew, be required to attend weekly meetings, or be required to adhere to other house rules.
  • Length of stay: Some homes allow you to stay as long as you’d like, and others have time limits of as few as 3 months.
  • Environment and location: Is the home clean and calm? Does the neighborhood feel safe and is it easy for you to get to work/school/treatment?

Ask questions and take a tour of the home, if possible. Feeling safe and comfortable is important to your success in recovery.

Benefits of Choosing a West Palm Beach Sober Living

Choosing a sober living home in West Palm Beach gives you the chance to meaningfully engage in recovery and receive care in one of the most beautiful and serene environments in the country. The climate and natural surroundings in West Palm Beach mean that you can soak in the beauty of nature while getting high-quality treatment and support.

Some of the benefits of spending time in a sober living home include:

  • Help with finding the community resources you need
  • Continuous support of peers and staff
  • Distance from triggers
  • Drug and alcohol-free environment
  • Rules the encourage accountability
  • Stable living space
  • The ability to practice new coping skills in a safe, supportive environment

For many people, living in a sober living community provides the right balance of freedom and accountability to stay engaged in recovery and prepare for their eventual return to independence.

Find a Sober Living Home in West Palm Beach Today

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We believe that anyone can recover from addiction if they have the support and care they need. We know that addiction affects a person’s whole self–mind, body, and spirit. Our comprehensive treatment options are designed to honor the whole self.

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