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Can an Addiction Treatment Program Help Me Deal With Stress?

Addiction and stress have a complex relationship. In fact, researchers have found stress to be a top risk factor for substance abuse and addiction.[1] People who experience high levels of stress may be more prone to drug or alcohol addiction because they may abuse substances to help themselves relax. People who struggle with addiction, on the other hand, are more likely to encounter stressful situations and experience chronic stress due to the chaos and uncertainty that comes with the disease of addiction.

Additionally, people who are in recovery from addiction may become more likely to relapse if they don’t have practical and healthy ways to cope with stress. And, the cycle of recovery and relapse can add even more stress to your life. Although stress is a normal part of life, excess stress can actually damage your mental and physical health. Whether you’re sober and struggling to maintain your sobriety due to stress or you’ve developed an addiction as a result of chronic stress, a holistic addiction treatment program in West Palm Beach can help.

Stress management is an important part of addiction treatment. As you get sober, you must learn how to deal with things like stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and loss. Let’s take a look at the various ways an addiction treatment center in West Palm Beach can help you deal with stress.

Learning How to Deal With Stress in Addiction Treatment

In addition to helping you get sober and stay sober, drug and alcohol rehab centers also help you identify and overcome the underlying causes of your substance abuse. If you are someone who struggles with chronic stress, there are many ways an addiction treatment center can help you with stress management.

Identifying and Addressing Sources of Stress With Behavioral Therapy

First, it’s important to identify your main sources of stress, the symptoms of stress you experience, and what you can do to cope. This is accomplished through behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy will help you identify situations that make you feel stressed at home, work, school, or in social situations. It will also help you identify the physical and psychological symptoms of stress that come from these situations.

Once you can identify what stress feels like to you and what makes you stressed, you can begin working with your therapist and peers on ways to cope. Therapy can also help improve your communication skills and problem-solving capabilities, further helping you deal with stress.

Reducing Stress With Meditation, Yoga, and Other Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies

Another way drug rehab can help with stress management is by providing you with outlets to destress. Many of these outlets are introduced through holistic therapy and two of the most effective are meditation and yoga.

Meditation and yoga are two activities that can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. They can help you by allowing you to focus on your breath and reduce the physical symptoms of stress.[2] When practiced regularly, meditation and yoga can significantly reduce the stress you experience in day-to-day life.

Other holistic therapies that are used for stress management during addiction treatment include:

Getting Enough Exercise and Quality Sleep

Many addiction treatment centers incorporate exercise programs into their treatment because it is a great way to reduce stress while also getting physically healthy. Even low intensity to moderate exercise such as walking 30 minutes a day can greatly reduce stress for several hours after exercise.[3]

In addition, sleep is just as important as physical activity. If you don’t get enough sleep, your stress hormones will stay elevated and contribute to high levels of chronic stress.[4] During rehab, your counselor and doctor will help you develop strategies for better sleep. This may include eliminating caffeine, establishing a regular sleep schedule, or taking a short-term sleep medication (if needed) to help introduce a sleep routine.

Maintaining a Strong Support Group

Having a strong support group by your side is a critical component of addiction treatment, recovery, and stress management. Friends, family members, and 12-Step group members are great sources of support in recovery. Your support group can help you work through stressful situations, support you emotionally, and help you stay accountable for your recovery. Peer support groups are also one of the best ways to prevent relapse in the long term.

Find an Addiction Treatment Program With Stress Management Today

No singular stress management technique will work for everyone, so it’s important to find an individualized treatment program that will help you manage stress and your addiction effectively. Here at Mandala Healing Center, our custom-tailored holistic treatment programs in West Palm Beach take into consideration your needs, beliefs, experiences, and goals so we can provide you with practical solutions for recovery.

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