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Types of Holistic Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment

There are many different types of holistic therapy used in addiction treatment programs, such as yoga and meditation. A holistic approach is one surrounding holism, a theory that takes into consideration the mental, emotional, and social factors of a disease – not just the physical ones.

While more traditional treatment approaches focused heavily on the physical and psychiatric symptoms, holistic healing techniques aim to heal the mind, body, and spirit as a whole to improve a person’s recovery. Here are some of the more frequently used holistic therapies at drug and alcohol rehabs in West Palm Beach.

Types of Holistic Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment


Yoga is one of the most popular holistic therapies used at addiction treatment centers in South Florida. It combines meditation and exercise to help heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga has numerous health benefits, ranging from increased immunity and bone health to decreased blood pressure and stress. Practicing yoga regularly can also help improve mental health by creating a sense of self-awareness and self-control among patients so they can cope with stress and other negative emotions.[1]


Meditation may be guided or solo, but either kind can help patients achieve emotional and mental clarity. Meditation, particularly mindfulness meditation, asks patients to focus on their breathing and increasing awareness of bodily sensations.

Mindfulness is known to help patients become more aware of triggers and negative thoughts. This can then help patients cope with cravings and prevent relapse. When combined with other holistic methods and behavioral therapy, meditation can be an effective form of addiction treatment.

Fitness and Exercise

Another type of holistic therapy used in addiction treatment is fitness and exercise. Exercise, whether it is a short walk around the neighborhood or a high-intensity-interval workout (HIIT), can help reduce withdrawal symptoms, alleviate stress, and boost overall well-being.

When used in addiction treatment, exercise is thought to help increase resilience – making patients stronger, both mentally and physically. It can also become a healthy coping outlet for difficult times.

Nutritional Counseling

Many addicts and alcoholics may neglect their nutritional needs before getting sober. And, a lack of nutrients and vitamins can make the withdrawal process longer and more intense. Fortunately, nutrition therapy can assist in the recovery process as soon as a person enters a West Palm Beach detox facility.

Nutritionists may visit the rehab center to help individuals make better meal and snack choices as well as boost their immune system with mineral or vitamin supplements, as needed. As a person continues to nourish his or her body with healthy foods, they may notice more regulated moods and fewer drug cravings.

Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Massage

Acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapies are all holistic healing methods that patients may be offered during rehab.

These practices help stimulate blood flow and relax various parts of the body. They can help people who are detoxing cope with their symptoms, reduce chronic pain in opioid-addicted patients, relieve stress, and help improve overall well-being.[2]


Hypnotherapy is not as scary as it may seem. It is a practice where a hypnotherapist tries to create a mental state during which a person becomes open to suggestions he or she would normally not be open to.

The goal of hypnotherapy is to change a person’s way of thinking. When it comes to addiction treatment, hypnotherapy seeks to remove the desire to use drugs or alcohol.

Art and Music

Art and music therapy are able to help people explore difficult emotions in a creative way. It can also promote spiritual growth and expression. When it comes to treating addiction, in particular, art therapy is a way to help reduce denial and refusal to participate in treatment.

As a non-verbal means of communication, many patients view art and music therapy as a way to heal and express themselves without feeling shame or guilt. Whether patients listen to music, play their own music, paint a picture, sketch a drawing, or dance to music provided, this is a great way to heal spiritually and emotionally.[3]

Heal With Holistic Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Holistic therapy is most effective when combined with other evidence-based addiction treatment techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and relapse prevention. Still, holistic healing can play an extremely important role in a person’s recovery.

For many people, holistic methods are the perfect addition to traditional treatment to help them overcome some of their most difficult challenges. And, these therapies can open the door to a variety of new hobbies, habits, and coping skills for people to use throughout their recovery.

At Mandala Healing Center, our West Palm Beach addiction treatment program goes beyond the conventional healing methods found at other treatment centers nearby. Our program is designed to assist patients in healing and nourishing their entire being.

To learn more about our treatment programs or to find addiction help, contact one of our dedicated treatment specialists today.