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Should I Travel to Florida for Rehab?

Once you’ve taken the courageous step in accepting the fact that you need help, the next step you have to take involves deciding which rehab center is right for you. If you are familiar with drug rehab in the United States, you may know that many people choose to travel to popular vacation destinations like South Florida for rehab. Even though there are addiction treatment centers all over the United States, many people prefer to get away from home and start fresh in a new, positive environment.

Whether you’ve turned to your insurance provider who has recommended a rehab in Florida or you know someone who got sober in the area, you may be wondering whether or not you should travel to Florida for rehab.

Benefits of Traveling Out of State for Rehab

There are pros and cons to leaving your hometown or state to go to rehab. The main reason why so many people travel to Florida for rehab is for a fresh start. They realize it will be difficult to get sober in their regular environment because they are constantly facing triggering people, places, and things. By leaving and starting fresh, people can reset their minds and bodies while dedicating 100% of their efforts to their recovery.

Other benefits of traveling out of state for treatment include:

  • You will be less tempted to leave rehab early when in an unfamiliar environment
  • Having the opportunity to visit a new place (particularly one in a warm climate where outdoor activities are endless)
  • Being able to rediscover your identity, your likes, and dislikes without outside influence
  • You will separate yourself from negative influences
  • Meeting new people that you otherwise would not meet

With that said, some people prefer to stay close to home because they like the familiarity and proximity to their loved ones.

Benefits of Staying Close to Home

Although there are many benefits to committing to out-of-state rehab, there are plenty of reasons why you may prefer to stay close to home, instead. These include:

  • Being close to friends, family, and other members of your support system who are in your hometown
  • Attending outpatient or IOP in an area you are familiar with
  • Minimizing extra costs associated with travel and airfare

Before making a decision, it can be helpful to weigh these pros and cons against your personal preferences. If you find yourself asking the question, “should I travel to Florida for rehab?” know that the decision is ultimately up to you and what is best for your recovery.

3 Reasons You Should Consider Traveling to Florida for Rehab

Although the decision to travel for rehab is entirely up to you, it’s important to consider all of your options. Here are the top three reasons why people travel to the state of Florida to go to rehab.

1. The Sunshine State Provides You With a Calm, Relaxing Setting for Recovery

Here in Florida, it’s sunny and warm all year round. You don’t have to worry about ice, snow, or freezing temperatures. While the occasional hurricane or tropical storm can dampen a couple of days, the majority of days are warm, sunny, and perfect for outdoor recreation.

If you’d like to start your days with a peaceful meditation, the beach is a perfect place to take in nature and relax. Or, if you’re looking for some exciting activities to do to fill the time you would otherwise be using drugs, you can try kayaking or visiting one of the natural springs. With beautiful weather and tons of things to do, you’ll never regret coming here to start your new life.

2. The Recovery Community in South Florida is Huge

South Florida, in particular, is often referred to as the “Recovery Capital of the United States.” This is due to the vast number of rehab centers, 12-Step meetings, and other addiction recovery resources that are available in the area. Although you can find 12-Step and other recovery-focused meetings anywhere, they are far and wide here in Florida.

Whether it is early in the morning and you need a meeting or you are preparing to go in for a night shift, you’ll be able to find support near you. And, you’ll have no shortage of sober friends – either! There is a huge sober culture here in South Florida that is just waiting for you to become a part of.

3. Some of the Most Qualified Addiction Specialists Practice Here

With so many rehab centers in the area, South Florida is also a popular destination for some of the most qualified and experienced mental health and addiction specialists in the field. When you come to rehab here, you can expect individualized care and undivided attention that considers your personal beliefs and values. Rather than rolling the dice with a small treatment facility just outside of your hometown, attend one that is certified and accredited so you ensure you are getting the best possible care.

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