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7 Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex condition that affects every part of your life. Often, there is not just one underlying cause for a person’s addiction. It can have roots in their biology, history, environment, health, and other fundamental parts of a person’s whole self.

Because addiction is so deeply personal and complex, people living with the condition need caring, comprehensive treatment to identify and heal its roots and learn the skills to avoid relapse in the future. 

Incorporating holistic therapy in addiction treatment is essential to improving outcomes and treating the whole person–body, mind, and spirit. Learning about the benefits of holistic therapy can give you insight into what treatment will be like and help you make better choices about your care. 

What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy describes therapeutic activities that support overall health and well-being. The goals of holistic therapy include identifying the sources of a person’s addiction, improving their ability to resist cravings, and reducing the appeal of using drugs or alcohol. 

Many holistic therapies can relieve the physical and emotional symptoms of withdrawal and addiction. Some practices soothe and improve the body’s health; others support emotional balance. 

Some examples of holistic therapies include:

When using holistic therapy in addiction treatment, practitioners tailor treatment plans to address each person’s unique needs and goals. Holistic therapies are non-medical therapies that can complement an evidence-based addiction treatment program. 

7 Benefits of Holistic Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Holistic therapy can provide many benefits to anyone who uses them, but they are especially supportive to people in addiction recovery. The holistic therapies used during treatment can give people relief, rest, and comfort during a challenging time. They give people a new outlet for stress and can provide skills that stay with them for life. 

Here are seven of the most significant benefits of using holistic therapy during addiction treatment.

1. Better self-esteem

Learning a new skill, regaining control over your health, managing your emotions, and developing new relationships can help you feel better about yourself and the direction of your life. Engaging in holistic therapy gives people opportunities to care for their bodies and mind and learn the skills they’ll need to be successful in recovery.

2. Improved health

Many holistic therapies aim to improve people’s general health and well-being. Exercise, nutrition support, time in nature, mindfulness, and many other therapies can make people feel better in their bodies and minds. People gain strength, find their calm, and learn practical ways to ease stress and challenging emotions.

3. Less stress

Stress can be a major trigger for relapse. The better you can manage your stress, the less likely you’ll be to give in to cravings when they happen–and they will. One of the most impactful benefits of holistic therapy is learning how to reduce stress. Therapies like yoga, mindfulness, better nutrition, and exercise can affect how you cope with stress, sleep, and feel daily.

4. Lower risk of relapse

Relapses can happen, but they can also feel like major setbacks in your recovery. Learning practical ways to manage stress and triggers can significantly reduce your relapse risk. The holistic therapies used in addiction treatment programs can support your health and well-being in early recovery and your lifelong recovery as you continue practicing them after finishing treatment. 

5. Social support

Sometimes, addiction recovery can feel lonely. Many people need to leave old relationships behind and develop new, healthy ones that support their goal of lifelong sobriety. Many holistic therapies can be practiced in a group setting. Engaging in these meaningful therapies with others can be the start of new, healthy relationships.

6. New purpose

Many people feel like they have to figure out what the focus of their new life in recovery will be once treatment ends. This is no small task, but using holistic therapy in addiction treatment can give you a headstart in finding new things to be passionate about in your life in recovery. You may discover a new hobby, form new relationships, and discover new ways to connect with yourself and others.

7. Routine and structure

One of the most important aspects of life in recovery is developing new routines that keep you focused on your health and sobriety. One of the significant benefits of holistic therapy is that it teaches you how to focus on your total health and well-being. These therapies empower people to take charge of their health and build a new lifestyle that supports their goal of lifelong sobriety. You may use holistic therapies for years after completing treatment and structure your life to include these healing activities. 

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