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Aetna Health Insurance Options for Addiction Treatment

A prolonged period of substance abuse can take its toll on your body and brain. Over time, addiction causes changes in the brain that make it very difficult for you to stop using the substance without professional intervention.

With treatment, you can overcome the physical, psychological, and environmental aspects of addiction and learn to live a healthy, sober lifestyle. For many, seeking addiction treatment is a life-saving choice.

Despite the negative consequences of addiction and the availability of treatment, most people do not get the help they need to leave substance abuse in the past. Some people may worry about leaving their jobs or family to get treatment, and some may not realize they need help. Another common concern is how they will pay for treatment costs.

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, health insurance companies are required to cover treatment for behavioral health and substance abuse. If you have health insurance from your employer or a private plan, you are likely to have some or all of the costs of addiction treatment covered. However, each health insurance plan is different and it’s important to determine the details of your specific plan before starting treatment.

Aetna insurance is a large health insurance company that provides coverage for a variety of addiction treatment services and programs. Learn more about starting rehab with Aetna insurance so that you can make informed choices about your care. 

Can I Attend Rehab With Aetna Insurance?

Aetna provides coverage for a variety of rehab and addiction treatment programs. This large insurance company stands apart from others in its commitment to treating the whole person–mind, body, and community. 

The first step in using Aetna insurance for rehab is to get an evaluation and diagnosis from a doctor or addiction specialist. This important first step allows you to understand what kind of treatment you require and which level of care is appropriate to meet your needs. 

There are several levels of care covered by Aetna insurance plans, including:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Residential programs
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)
  • Aftercare

Certain aspects of medical care related to treatment and recovery may be covered, too. These may include regular medical checkups, tests or evaluations, medications, and mental health treatment. 

Before starting rehab with Aetna insurance, you must verify the details of your specific plan and ensure that the program you have chosen will be covered. This will help you avoid unexpected expenses during treatment. 

How to Check if Your Aetna Insurance Plan Covers Rehab

There are several ways to find out what services are covered under your specific plan. First, you may visit the Aetna insurance website and search for details about your plan. You will find information about providers, facilities, and treatment programs that are in-network for Aetna.

You can also call the number on your health insurance card and speak to an Aetna representative. Have your card available when you call so that you can easily access your ID number and other important information.

For many, the easiest way to verify the details of your health insurance plan is to speak with the admissions staff at your treatment facility. Often, treatment facilities will have dedicated staff who will work with your insurance company on your behalf. The staff at the Mandala Healing Center wants the admission process to be as easy as possible so that our clients can focus on the most important thing: their recovery. 

Finding a Rehab Facility That Accepts Aetna

Once you know what type of treatment you need, you can start looking for treatment facilities that offer these services. Finding a facility that can give you the treatment you need and is in-network for your insurance plan can seem overwhelming. 

Finding the right treatment center doesn’t need to be difficult. There are several ways to find an in-network treatment center. For many, the simplest way is to reach out to treatment facilities and ask if they are in-network. You may also ask your doctor or addiction specialist for referrals to appropriate treatment facilities, search on the Aetna website, or speak with an insurance representative.

If there are treatment costs that are not covered under your plan, you can still get the help you need. Your treatment facility may offer the option to pay in small monthly installments over time instead of one payment. This can make getting the help you need more affordable.

Learn More About Using Aetna Insurance to Go to Rehab by Contacting the Mandala Healing Center

If you or someone you love needs addiction treatment or support during recovery, you are not alone. At the Mandala Healing Center, we believe that anyone can recover from addiction if they get the treatment they need. We offer a range of programs designed to support healing for your body, mind, and spirit as you overcome addiction.

Don’t wait another day for the treatment you deserve. Reach out to us today.