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Where Can I Find Addiction Counseling in South Florida?

Millions of people live with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Many will not get the treatment they need to overcome the condition and will live with worsening, sometimes life-threatening, consequences of the condition.

Those living with substance abuse or addiction can recover with the right treatment. Understanding what to expect during treatment and the steps to begin can help you get the help you need. 

Substance abuse counseling is an essential part of addiction recovery. It’s crucial to understand substance abuse’s emotional and behavioral components and learn new skills to manage them.

If you or someone you love are looking for addiction counseling or substance abuse treatment in South Florida, reach out to the Mandala Healing Center staff today. 

Why Do People Need Addiction Counseling?

Substance abuse and addiction are complex conditions that require compassionate, whole-person treatment. Detox alone can’t address addiction’s emotional, environmental, or behavioral aspects. To recover from substance abuse and addiction, you need to identify the condition’s root causes and learn skills to avoid relapse later on.

Substance abuse counseling offers a reliable source of non-judgmental support. Addiction therapy providers have special training, education, and personal experience that allow them to guide their clients as they navigate recovery. Clients learn how to identify, process, and manage their emotions to gain better control over their behaviors. Learning how to cope with stress, anger, boredom, and other challenges can be a valuable part of treatment and can reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Addiction counseling is valuable during rehab and in recovery afterward. During sessions, the therapist and client work together to set goals that support healing and learn the skills to achieve them. Therapists can also make referrals to other community resources and additional treatment programs as needed. 

How Does Substance Abuse Counseling Fit Into Addiction Treatment?

Comprehensive addiction treatment happens in stages. Many treatment plans include addiction counseling to provide whole-person support and healing during recovery. 


Before starting treatment, a doctor or addiction specialist will assess your needs and recommend a level of care. You may require inpatient or residential treatment, or outpatient treatment may meet your needs. 


People often require physical and emotional support during detox to manage withdrawal symptoms. During detox, medical and support staff will monitor you and offer treatment for your uncomfortable or dangerous withdrawal symptoms. 


After completing detox, you will begin a comprehensive treatment program that includes evidence-based and holistic treatments, including:

The length of time you will spend in treatment will depend on the severity of your addiction, general health, and other personal factors. 

Substance abuse counseling plays a significant role in addiction treatment. You may participate in several weekly addiction therapy sessions–or every day, depending on the level of care you require. 


Addiction counseling is an essential aspect of a good aftercare plan. Group therapy and individual addiction therapy sessions can help you stay engaged in recovery and committed to living a healthy, sober lifestyle.

How to Choose the Best Addiction Therapy Provider For You

There are many qualities to look for in a good addiction therapist. You will have many choices while searching for substance abuse counseling, so finding one who meets your needs and makes you feel comfortable is essential. 

Some qualities to look for include the following:

  • A counselor who’s easy to talk to 
  • One with a personality you enjoy
  • Experience with providing addiction counseling
  • A therapeutic approach you’re comfortable with
  • Someone who is trustworthy
  • A reliable counselor

Addiction counseling can be highly personal and make clients feel vulnerable. It’s important to find a substance abuse counseling specialist who makes you feel comfortable so that you can be honest and open.

Before beginning addiction therapy, ask your therapist any questions you may have. Feeling unsure about what to ask? Here are some questions you could consider:

  • Do you believe addiction is a disease?
  • How do you support your clients during sessions?
  • What would happen if I relapsed?
  • What therapeutic approach do you use?

Make sure your therapist addresses your concerns and that you feel comfortable with their personality and approach. The work you do together can help you achieve the healthy, fulfilling, sober lifestyle you choose. 

How to Find Addiction Counseling in South Florida

You can find substance addiction counseling in South Florida in several ways. You may reach out to the staff at the Mandala Healing Center for information about our treatment programs and the support we offer to those in recovery.  You may also find addiction therapy in other ways, including:

  • Ask for referrals from your mental health and medical providers
  • Contact your insurance provider for referrals
  • Research treatment facilities in South Florida
  • Ask friends and family for recommendations
  • Reach out to a local 12-step meeting leader

The staff at Mandala Healing Center is always ready to answer your questions or discuss your addiction counseling options. Our South Florida addiction specialists work to make starting treatment as easy as possible so that you can focus on the most important thing: putting addiction in the past and moving forward.

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Reach out to the Mandala Healing Center staff today to learn about finding substance abuse counseling or addiction treatment.