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How Long Does Rehab Take in West Palm Beach?

The process of recovery from addiction is hard to measure and depends on the person. Each person in recovery has their own journey, struggles, and strengths, and these factors can determine the length of rehab and aftercare they need to maintain sobriety for the long term.

Research suggests that only about 10% of people who live with addiction get the help they need.[1] People who do not seek help may worry about the investment of time and energy, lack the resources to get help, or wonder “how long does rehab last?”

Whatever the barriers there are to getting help, seeking treatment for addiction is a life-saving decision. Every effort must be made to get the help you need. Understanding the process of treatment, including the length of rehab, can help you make an informed decision about seeking help.

Stages of Rehab

Stages of Addiction Treatment



Recovery from addiction happens in stages. Each stage is designed to give your body, mind, and spirit what they need at that moment to work towards long-term recovery and sobriety.


The length and severity of your addiction, as well as the substance you had been using, will determine the length of your detox period. On average, medical detox takes around 10 days. Some substances, such as benzodiazepines, require a significantly longer detox period of eight weeks or more in some cases.

Recovering from addiction is a lifelong commitment to learning, growth, and self-discovery. Before this part of the journey can begin, though, it is important to commit to a period of medical detox. This allows your body to rid itself of alcohol or drugs and return to its natural, balanced state. During detox in West Palm Beach, you will experience:

  • Medical supervision of your withdrawal
  • Medications to help manage symptoms
  • Care to keep you comfortable
  • Support to prevent relapse

For many, the detox and withdrawal stage is a physically and emotionally uncomfortable period. Seeking professional support is crucial for a complete, comfortable detox.


After detox, people must learn to manage their lives, including their emotions and challenges, without using substances. It can be a period of growth, change, and challenges. Generally, this period can last anywhere from 30 days to one year or more, depending on the length and severity of your addiction.

For many people, addiction treatment in West Palm Beach includes individual and family therapy, group support, and medications. For people who have a dual diagnosis–a mental health diagnosis and addiction issues–treatment may be more intensive or require more time than treating addiction alone.


One factor that makes it difficult to determine the length of rehab is that most people benefit greatly from ongoing, lifelong aftercare. You might say that the treatment of addiction never really ends, but instead, requires commitment for life. Aftercare is simply the ongoing work required to stay sober. It includes:

  • Relapse prevention education
  • Medication
  • Therapy
  • Group support like NA or AA
  • Sober housing (1 year or more)

Like other parts of the recovery process, the amount of aftercare required depends on your individual circumstances, including the length and severity of your addiction.

Deciding How Long Treatment Should Be

Research suggests that participating in treatment for 90 days or more shows a significant reduction in your likelihood of relapse.[2]

Your course of treatment in West Palm Beach depends on how long you struggled with your addiction, the substance you used, and the severity of your addiction. The length of rehab you require may also depend on your existing coping skills and support. If you have a good network of sober or supportive friends and family, you may not face the same rate of relapse as someone who lacks this support.

In the same way, if you have already learned good coping skills and can draw upon these skills to manage stress, you might need a shorter period of treatment than someone who is learning these skills for the first time. Everyone is a unique individual with their own life experiences. Addiction treatment should reflect this and be adapted to meet your unique needs.

Benefits of Long-Term Treatment in West Palm Beach

Many people who go through a short period of treatment get caught in a cycle of relapsing, going through quick treatment, relapsing, and going through treatment again. One of the benefits of long-term addiction treatment is that you receive more time to learn and practice skills that can help you manage emotions without turning to alcohol or drugs. You also have an extended time away from people and situations that may trigger a relapse when you commit to a longer period of treatment.

Some of your challenges and stressors will still exist after you complete treatment. The better prepared you are to manage them, the less likely you will be to relapse.

Learn More About The Length of Rehab at the Mandala Healing Center

If you or someone you love need life-changing addiction treatment in West Palm Beach, reach out to the staff at the Mandala Healing Center. We offer holistic, person-centered rehab and addiction treatment. If you are ready to make the first step in your recovery journey, we will walk the rest of the way with you. Call today to get started.