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Is it a Good Idea for Couples to Go to Rehab Together?

Suppose you live with addiction or love someone who does. In that case, you probably understand the intense emotions surrounding this condition  Worry, guilt, anger, helplessness, and frustration are common when you have to watch someone you love live with the consequences of their addiction.

But what happens when both partners in a loving relationship struggle with addiction? Without one sober partner in a relationship, both people are more likely to move deeper into their addictions and experience worsening consequences. They may be less likely to seek treatment until their addiction becomes evident to others, who can then intervene.

The first step in getting addiction treatment is to recognize the signs of a problematic relationship with drugs and alcohol as soon as possible. If two people in a relationship struggle with addiction, they may benefit from going to rehab at the same time. Some treatment facilities offer couples rehab, allowing people to stay close to their partners as they receive treatment. Learning more about this option can help you decide if it is the right choice for you and your partner.

Recognizing the Need for Couples Recovery

Many people fail to realize that they have developed an addiction until they experience an undeniable negative consequence, such as an accident, legal trouble, or severe medical event. At this point, a person’s body and brain have likely adapted to the presence of drugs and alcohol, and quitting using will be very difficult. It is essential to understand the signs of addiction so that you can seek treatment as early as possible. 

When both members of a relationship meet the criteria for addiction, they must go through treatment. 

Some signs of addiction to drugs or alcohol include:

  • Requiring more of the substance to get the same effect
  • Using more than you planned to 
  • Hiding or covering up your substance use
  • Falling behind at work, school, or in your responsibilities at home
  • Continuing to use despite negative consequences
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you cut back or stop using
  • Spending a lot of time thinking about, getting, using, or recovering from using the substance
  • Isolating or losing interest in hobbies or social activities

Recognizing these signs of addiction in yourself and a partner may indicate that you need to go to couples rehab.  

How Does Addiction Treatment for Couples Work?

Some facilities offer couples rehab, allowing people to work through addiction treatment alongside their partners. This is a good option for some couples that lets them stay connected while receiving the treatment they need. 

Like individual rehab programs, addiction treatment for couples happens in several stages. Generally, these are:

  • Medically supervised detox: Usually, people in a couple must go through detox separate from their partner. This allows both people to focus on their individual needs and increase the likelihood of a complete, safe detox. During detox, specialists monitor and treat people for uncomfortable or dangerous withdrawal symptoms.
  • Treatment: In addiction treatment for couples, people may be allowed to live with or near their partner while receiving treatment. Both people follow an individualized treatment program that will meet their unique needs. Addiction treatment plans often include group and individual therapy, medications, education, family therapy, and holistic treatments. Treatment will also consist of couples or marriage counseling to address the specific issues plaguing the couples’ relationships.
  • Aftercare: After completing treatment, the couple will develop an aftercare plan that addresses both the individual and shared needs of the couple.  

When both people in a couple get addiction treatment, it makes it more likely that they will achieve their goal of lifelong recovery. It is essential to consider whether or not couples rehab is the best choice for you and your partner before getting started.

Things to Consider Before Starting Couples Rehab

Going through rehab with a partner is not the best choice for everybody. There are some things to consider before choosing an addiction treatment for couples.

First, both people must be equally committed and open to getting treatment. If one person is ready to embrace sobriety and the other isn’t, it may be best to go to rehab separately. Rehab requires a great deal of commitment and is an investment of time and energy. Minimizing distractions and increasing your support is essential to success. 

Second, couples rehab is not a good fit if the relationship has a history of violence or intimidation. Both people must feel safe, supported, and free from coercion while going through rehab. 

Lastly, couples with a history of an unhealthy or codependent relationship should not attend couples rehab. Codependency can cause people to have poor boundaries. People in this unhealthy relationship may be unable to focus on their own health and progress in recovery. In rehab, people must concentrate on their own recovery. 

Addiction treatment is a very personal process. Each person in treatment must receive an individualized program and be allowed to focus on their thoughts, feelings, and plans for the future. In some cases, couples rehab allows this, while it is not possible in others. When making decisions about your treatment, speak to the addiction specialists at your rehab facility to develop the right plan for you. 

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