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5 Reasons to Choose a Drug and Alcohol Detox Near You

Detox is often the first step of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Going through a medically supervised detox program can provide the treatment and support people need to have a safe, complete withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

But is it better to travel far from home for detox or to choose a drug and alcohol detox near you? There are many benefits to being close to home during detox. Understanding the reasons to choose nearby treatment can help you make the best decision for your care.

If you or someone you love needs substance abuse treatment, reach out to the Mandala Healing Center specialists today to learn about our holistic drug and alcohol detox programs in West Palm Beach, FL.

What Happens During Detox

Heavy, prolonged periods of drug and alcohol use can lead to physical dependence. When a person with drug and alcohol dependence suddenly stops using these substances, their body begins the detoxification process–and withdrawal symptoms are likely to develop.

Withdrawal symptoms and severity can vary depending on many personal factors, but common symptoms include:

  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Runny nose

For many, withdrawal symptoms are so uncomfortable and disruptive that they relapse–return to substance use after a period of sobriety–to get relief. 

In a medically-supervised detox center, medical and support staff monitor and treat patients’ withdrawal symptoms with evidence-based and holistic therapies. Treatment may include:

  • Medications to manage physical and emotional discomfort 
  • Emotional support, including individual therapy if appropriate
  • Holistic therapies like massage, yoga, exercise, and nutrition support

Completing a detox program can give you the best chance of having a safe, complete detox, which can prepare you to move forward in recovery.

5 Reasons to Choose a Drug and Alcohol Detox Near You

1. Start treatment sooner

Waiting to get substance abuse treatment gives your addiction more time to grow and worsen. The effects of addiction can be severe–harm to your health, strain in your most important relationships, and threats to your short and long-term safety and well-being can pile up while the addiction remains untreated. 

Choosing a drug and alcohol detox near you means you can begin treatment sooner than if you decide to travel for treatment. Instead of packing, arranging travel and housing, and making arrangements with a distant detox center, you can easily work with the admission staff and start treatment quickly.

2. Save money

Many people put off getting substance abuse treatment because of concerns about the cost of getting help. But addiction is costly and can spiral into a life-threatening condition without treatment. 

Choosing a drug and alcohol detox near you can keep treatment costs as low as possible. You’ll save money on gas, airfare, lodging, and other expenses related to traveling for treatment–which are typically not covered by insurance. 

3. Better aftercare planning

Addiction is never cured, but you can learn practical, healthy ways to manage its symptoms for the rest of your life. In treatment, you’ll develop an aftercare plan to keep you engaged in recovery and committed to sobriety. Drug rehab aftercare may include things like:

  • Attending 12-step meetings
  • Participating in individual counseling
  • Joining a support group for people in recovery
  • Attending sober events and meetups

When you choose a drug and alcohol detox near you, you’ll have an easier time creating an aftercare plan. Your treatment team can connect you with professionals and programs in your community that will support your goal of lifelong sobriety.

4. Stay close to your support network

Having support during detox and treatment is essential to your long-term success. The support of friends and family can help you stay on track during treatment and remain focused on sobriety afterward. People who receive practical and emotional support during treatment are more likely to complete their programs and have better outcomes later.

Choosing a detox center near you can keep you close to your support network during treatment–including the medical and mental health professionals you’ve been working with.

5. Live at home during treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery can come with a lot of changes. Your friends, relationships, daily routines, and habits often change throughout the course of detox and treatment. Living at home while receiving high-quality treatment can help people feel grounded during recovery, even as other aspects of their lives are changing significantly.

Choosing a drug and alcohol detox near you means you may continue to live at home while receiving the treatment you need to recover. Living at home during detox may help reduce treatment-related costs. 

There are many reasons to choose a drug and alcohol detox near you. Ultimately, the detox center that is right for you is the one that meets your needs and provides the high-quality, effective care you need to recover from addiction. 

Finding a Drug and Alcohol Detox Near You

Living with untreated drug and alcohol addiction can keep you from living the healthy, fulfilling life you choose. If you or someone you love needs treatment, choosing a drug and alcohol detox near you can allow you to begin your recovery journey as quickly as possible.

If you are ready to take the first step toward the life you choose, reach out to the caring Mandala Healing Center specialists today.