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5 Signs You Need Drug Rehab

It is not easy to admit you have a problem with drugs and alcohol. It is even more difficult to ask for help and admit that you need to go to a rehab center. But is your addiction really bad enough to warrant a 30, 60, or 90-day stay at a West Palm Beach drug rehab? Here are 5 signs that you need rehab and are battling with addiction.

1. Your Loved Ones Are Concerned And Want You To Go To Rehab

If you develop a problem with drugs or alcohol, the people closest to you will likely be the first ones to notice. Your loved ones may pick up on you being intoxicated, having financial difficulties, or simply acting differently than usual. 

Your loved ones might be asking you what is wrong, expressing their concern about your behaviors, or directly telling you they think you need rehab. 

When confronted about your addiction, your first instinct may be to get defensive and deny having a problem. However, the truth is your family and friends usually know best – and if they think you need help, chances are you actually do.

2. You Get Sick When You Aren’t Using/Drinking

Long-term drug or alcohol abuse leads to physical dependence. For example, if you abuse heroin for several days in a row, your brain will adjust to the excess dopamine and serotonin produced. Then, when you stop taking heroin, your body will need to adjust back to its regular state. Heroin withdrawal symptoms – like sweating, anxiety, chills, body aches, nausea, and diarrhea – may occur during this adjustment period. 

If you notice that when your drugs start to wear off or if when you wake up in the morning you have the shakes until you take a think, you probably need rehab. Withdrawal symptoms are a tell-tale sign of addiction and they can make it nearly impossible to get sober on your own. 

Furthermore, some withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. That’s why it’s always recommended to attend a drug and alcohol detox center if you struggle with addiction.

3. You’ve Promised Yourself You Will Stop, But You Just Can’t Seem To Do It

Another sign you need rehab is if you have promised yourself you will stop using drugs and/or alcohol on several occasions but have always been unable to do so. 

Addiction is a disease characterized by a loss of control over the willpower to abstain from a substance. You may wake up one morning and believe with every bone in your body that you won’t drink that day. Then, hours later, you may find yourself picking up a drink because the cravings are too strong. 

If you spend a lot of time craving, obtaining, using, and recovering from the effects of substances, it’s time to seek help for your addiction.

4. The Thought Of Living Without Substances Gives You Anxiety

People abuse drugs and alcohol for a number of different reasons. Some to reduce anxiety and be able to socialize, others to shut out intrusive thoughts or traumatic memories. 

No matter what the reason is that you started using substances, if you are addicted you have become dependent on them to function. When you don’t use drugs or alcohol, you may go into withdrawal, experience cravings, and be unable to think about anything else besides getting drunk or high. 

If you’ve become physically and psychologically dependent on a substance, it can be difficult to think about what life would be like without that substance. If the mere thought of giving up drugs and alcohol, going to rehab, and living a sober life seems like it is impossible, it’s a sign that you need help from a qualified rehab center.

5. You’re Neglecting Your Responsibilities To Use Drugs And Alcohol

People who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction will put their substance of choice as the top priority in their lives. They may call off work to go buy drugs, spend all of their money on alcohol and be unable to pay the bills, or stop being as reliable as they once were. 

If you have noticed that you have begun neglecting your responsibilities and putting off tasks that you would normally do in order to keep up with your drug or alcohol habit, you could benefit from an addiction treatment program.

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Addiction is a progressive and deadly disease that can negatively impact virtually every aspect of your life. It can tear apart relationships, hurt your health, and burn a serious hole in your wallet. 

At Mandala Healing Center, we take a unique approach to addiction treatment that focuses on helping you heal on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. If you have determined that you need rehab and are interested in learning more about our holistic treatment program in West Palm Beach, pick up the phone and call us today.