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What Types of Medical Professionals Work at Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers in South Florida?

Drug addiction and alcoholism are types of substance use disorders that affect millions of Americans every day. According to the National Institutes of Health, “10 percent of US adults have drug use disorder at some point in their lives.”[1]

One of the biggest obstacles in addiction recovery is withdrawal symptoms. When you suddenly stop taking a substance you were dependent on, your body will begin to experience uncomfortable and even painful symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal is one of the leading causes of relapse for individuals who attempt to recover without medical support. 

The safest and most effective way to recover from addiction is to get help from a drug and alcohol detox center. Drug and alcohol detox centers in South Florida employ qualified and experienced medical professionals who provide around-the-clock care to ensure that you receive the support you deserve. Knowing what kind of medical professionals will be assisting you throughout the detoxification process can help put your mind at ease.

Medical Professionals That Work in Drug and Alcohol Detox Facilities 

Drug and alcohol detox programs are fully functional medical facilities that help you overcome withdrawal in a safe and comfortable setting. One of the most important parts of detox is the medical treatment you receive. This medical treatment is intended to soothe your symptoms and keep you medically stable throughout the entire process. 

The types of medical professionals that work in drug and detox facilities in South Florida include:


Substance use disorders cause your mind and body to become reliant on the drugs or alcohol you are dependent on. Abruptly quitting the use of that substance can result in uncomfortable, painful, and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Because of the risks of leaving withdrawal symptoms untreated, medical doctors are an essential part of the detox team. 

Medical doctors examine your substance abuse history, determine whether you have any co-occurring conditions, identify the proper treatment plan for your needs, and prescribe medications to stabilize your condition. A doctor will oversee the acute portion of your detoxification.

Registered Nurses 

Another vital member of the drug and alcohol detox team is a registered nurse (RN). These medical professionals work alongside doctors to ensure that you are healthy and comfortable during your stay. Typically, doctors will provide registered nurses with assignments and instructions on how to care for each of their patients. 

Registered nurses are responsible for the following services during detox:

  • Monitoring vital signs 
  • Providing first aid measures in case of emergencies
  • Examine a patient’s physical condition to determine progress 
  • Administering medications as directed by the doctor
  • Helping calm and soothe patients experiencing emotional or psychological symptoms 

Mental Health Professionals Employed by Medical Detox Programs 

In addition to medical professionals, drug and alcohol detox centers in South Florida usually employ mental health experts to help patients with any psychological issues they are experiencing. When you think of withdrawal symptoms, you probably imagine cold sweats, tremors, and vomiting. However, many substances cause psychological withdrawal symptoms like depression, anxiety, and even psychosis. 

Examples of the types of mental health professionals you’ll find working in a detox facility include:


Some psychological withdrawal symptoms are severe enough to require medications, so detox facilities employ licensed psychiatrists to ensure that every patient receives the proper medication and dosage required for their symptoms. 

Additionally, SAMHSA reports that 9.2 million American adults suffer from co-occurring disorders.[2] This means that a large number of people in treatment for addiction also have an underlying mental health condition. This is why it is so important for drug and alcohol detox programs to employ psychiatrists who can help patients manage their symptoms. 

Certified Addiction Counselors and Therapists 

While detox is an important step in addiction recovery, simply removing the substances from your body is not enough to maintain long-term sobriety. You must work on the psychological and behavioral factors that played a role in the development of your addiction, so drug and alcohol detox centers in South Florida hire certified addiction counselors and therapists who can help you work through your past healthily.

It is important to note that the therapy and counseling provided during detox are not extensive. The main focus of detox is to help you overcome withdrawal symptoms safely and comfortably. However, counseling and therapy are there to help you begin a foundation of recovery to build upon in further treatment programs like inpatient or outpatient rehab. 

Types of Behavioral Specialists that Work in Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers 

In addition to medical and psychological treatment, drug and alcohol detox centers in South Florida provide you with behavioral services. Addiction affects every aspect of your life, making it important that treatment addresses medical, psychological, and behavioral issues caused by substance abuse.

The types of behavioral specialists you will find in a drug and alcohol detox facility include:

Clinical Social Workers 

Detox centers employ clinical social workers who can help you with important decisions, responsibilities, and goals. Clinical social workers who work in detox programs often act as a liaison for the patient, the family, and the treatment team. They can help with coordinating admission and discharge plans, referring you to other programs for specialty conditions, handling legal issues, dealing with insurance, and offering support to your family. 


Many drug and alcohol detox centers in South Florida often hire nutritionists to help you overcome any nutritional deficiencies or food issues you suffer from. These nutritional deficiencies could be caused by addiction, underlying health conditions, or co-occurring eating disorders. Nutritionists are there to determine the cause of your issues and help you foster a healthy and productive relationship with food and your body. 

Find a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center in South Florida 

If you or a loved one suffers from addiction, recovery is possible. Drug and alcohol detox centers in South Florida have teams of highly qualified medical professionals to help you get back on your feet.

Patients who visit the Mandala Healing Center struggle with a variety of addictions. Our caring and attentive team is ready to help each patient find solutions for lasting sobriety and truly heal from within. We are acutely aware that every individual has a unique set of needs. Accordingly, our alcohol and drug detox programs are personalized for each individual, utilizing evidence-based practices and holistic approaches.

Our program is designed to create a strong foundation for long-term sobriety and a framework for healthy, balanced living. If you or a loved one are ready to begin your recovery journey, please contact us today.