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What Does it Mean to Have a Spiritual Awakening in Recovery?

Addiction is a complex condition that requires holistic care for your body, mind, and relationships. For many, a focus on spiritual healing can provide insight and clarity. This insight may lead to meaningful change and better overall health.

Some people experience a spiritual awakening during addiction recovery. The spiritual awakening process is different for each person. For some, it might mean a greater sense of purpose that leads to lasting changes. For others, it might mean feeling connected to your spiritual life in a new and meaningful way.

Participating in a holistic drug and alcohol treatment program may help you tap into your true nature. It can help you connect with a higher power. Holistic substance abuse programs allow you to explore or reconnect with your spiritual path. They provide comprehensive treatment for the physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects of substance abuse, too.

This article will explore what it means to experience a spiritual awakening during recovery. Contact the caring specialists at the Mandala Healing Center to learn about our holistic addiction treatment programs. You can also ask questions, verify your health insurance, or schedule an initial appointment or assessment.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

When many people think of a spiritual awakening, they may imagine a dramatic, life-changing moment. Some believe it can only come at the end of a spiritual journey.

However, many people don’t have this experience. Instead, a spiritual awakening may be a slow, gradual process. It may occur over the course of weeks, months, or years.

So, what is a spiritual awakening? It doesn’t need to have a religious aspect. For many, a spiritual awakening may feel like a sense of connectedness to others. It may feel like an acknowledgment that all living things depend on each other and deserve compassion.

Some people experience subtle awakenings. They may have more clarity about their thoughts and feelings. They may notice things in the natural world or develop a deep appreciation of ordinary, everyday things. It is common for people to feel a deep, unshakable sense of peace and contentment.

A spiritual awakening may be triggered by major life events, including addiction recovery.

What Causes a Spiritual Awakening in Recovery?

Many who study addiction believe that people may turn to drugs and alcohol to combat a sense of emptiness. People may feel depressed, lonely, or have a general sense of internal emptiness. They may feel like something is missing from their life without knowing what it is.

People may try to fill this emptiness with addictive substances. The effects of drugs and alcohol may distract them from the emptiness for a short period. In time, people may rely on the high or calm that these substances provide.

However, substance use doesn’t heal or fill anything–and it often harms your physical and mental health. People who become addicted to drugs or alcohol must get help to recover.

During recovery, treatment programs provide medications, therapies, and support. This care can help people put addiction in the past and move forward.

Holistic recovery programs focus on creating a connection between the mind and body. People may practice yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation. They may participate in nature therapy or immerse themselves in a creative process.

Even if people do not focus on spirituality during recovery, they may have spiritual experiences. These experiences may connect them to a sense of a higher power or greater meaning in life.

Generally, people may feel more committed to recovery after a spiritual awakening. They may feel excited or hopeful for the future while feeling more grounded in the present.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

People feel spiritual awakening differently, and it can be hard to define the experience. However, there are some common signs that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Here are some possible signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening.


You may develop more interest in your community. You may feel like you want to help others or be curious about them. You might also feel connected to the planet and want to take action to protect it.


After a spiritual awakening occurred, some people report noticing their own thoughts and behaviors differently. Instead of following old routines, they became aware of patterns and felt an impulse to make changes.


A spiritual awakening may lead to a deep sense of internal peace. One of the most significant spiritual awakening signs is that you feel more balanced. You may feel like you are in control of your emotional responses. Challenges and setbacks still occur, but you can get through them without giving in to your emotions.

People may notice the signs of a spiritually significant change as they progress through recovery. They may feel grounded, more connected to the world, and more motivated to keep going.

If you or someone you love needs holistic addiction treatment, reach out to the specialists at the Mandala Healing Center to explore your treatment options.