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What Rules Do I Have to Follow During Inpatient Rehab in West Palm Beach?

Inpatient rehab programs operate on a set of rules that protect the health and safety of all patients. The rules are also in place to increase the efficacy of treatment and provide for a safe, supportive healing environment. Here is a list of rules you are expected to follow while staying at an inpatient rehab in West Palm Beach.

rules to follow during Inpatient Rehab

Cellphones, Laptops, and other Electronics are Not Permitted

If you are like most people today, your smartphone is part of your daily life. It not only helps you make phone calls, but it tells you the time, pays your bills, and provides you with entertainment. When you go to inpatient rehab in West Palm Beach, however, you’ll have to turn over your phone, laptop, and any other electronics you bring with you. A staff member will search your belongings to make sure you aren’t sneaking in a phone or tablet.

During the first week in treatment, you’ll go through a “blackout period.” You won’t be allowed to make phone calls or have any contact with people outside of the rehab center. This period is intended to help you adjust to the treatment environment and prevent you from leaving rehab early. After that, you’ll have designated times during which you can use a community phone to call your loved ones. You will also have designated time to watch TV, listen to music, and even use a computer if needed–you just can’t use your personal electronics.

Your personal electronics may have contacts of people whom you shouldn’t be speaking with. It may have pictures of the “gold old days” before your addiction got “bad enough.” Things like this can trigger cravings, distract you from your recovery, and even tempt you to return to substance abuse. Separating yourself from your phone and other electronics will allow you to focus completely on your recovery and start fresh.

No Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, or Violence

While it may seem like an obvious rule, no drugs, alcohol, weapons, or violence are allowed or tolerated at an inpatient rehab in West Palm Beach. During intake, a staff member will go through your luggage and personal items and confiscate any contraband. This rule is in place for your safety as well as the safety of staff and other patients at the treatment center.

No Visitors (Unless Pre-approved By Your Therapist)

Family involvement and support can help increase the likelihood of a person staying in treatment and remaining sober after treatment. However, you aren’t allowed to have unapproved visitors during rehab. This means your friends and family can’t simply walk in the door and visit you whenever they’d like.

Instead, you’ll have to earn the trust of your therapist and get his or her approval, first. If your therapist thinks the visit is a good idea, you can schedule a date and time for your loved one to come to visit you. Your visitation may be supervised or unsupervised depending on your progress in treatment and the recommendation of your therapist.

You Aren’t Allowed to Come and Go As You Please

Inpatient rehab centers in West Palm Beach provide treatment on a residential basis. Once you check-in, you are required to stay on the premises until you check out. You can’t run to the store whenever you’d like, go out to eat, or spend weekends at your home.

People who enroll in residential treatment often do so because it is in their best interest. You may need monitoring and supervision at this point in your recovery. You may also benefit from having a structured routine and around-the-clock accountability.

Although it may be frustrating to have your freedom taken away from you, it is only temporary–and it is for your own good. If you’re looking for addiction treatment that allows you to live at home or carry out your usual schedule, you may consider IOP or outpatient rehab.

Therapy Sessions are Mandatory

If you checked yourself into rehab, you did so voluntarily. You did so because you want to get better. Rehab isn’t a vacation, despite what some pop culture may make it seem. It is a time to work on yourself, dive deep into your personal issues, and focus on becoming a new, healthier person. This means participating in therapy and showing willingness for self-growth.

During inpatient rehab, you’ll spend most of your time in group therapy sessions. You will also have an individual therapy session each week. These therapy sessions are not optional. They are mandatory. Although you are not expected to participate in your first couple of days, you are, at the very least, expected to sit, listen, and absorb information. You never know when you’ll hear something that will revolutionize your sobriety.

No New Romantic Relationships

Unless you’re married, in a long-term healthy relationship, or at a couple’s rehab, romantic relationships are highly discouraged. New romances can be exciting, but they can also be volatile. Relationships are especially complicated when you are in the midst of healing and becoming a new person. Romantic interests can distract you from your recovery and even contribute to a relapse.

One rule you are expected to follow while at inpatient rehab in West Palm Beach is to avoid romantic interests and wait until you are out of rehab (or at least one year sober) until starting a new romance. Your recovery and independence will thank you.

Start Inpatient Rehab in West Palm Beach Today

The rules enforced during inpatient rehab are in place for your own health and safety. Although a life of addiction may normalize rule-breaking, part of getting sober is learning how to have enough self-discipline to follow the rules–even when you don’t want to.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and ready to begin a new way of life, we’re here to help. Call today to begin your recovery journey.