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Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a lifelong condition. Even after completing a comprehensive, high-quality addiction treatment program, people need to stay committed to managing their addiction for the rest of their life. This process often begins during their time in treatment. People can also use many of the skills they learn in rehab to avoid relapse for the rest of their lives. A good treatment program can be the first step towards a fulfilling life in recovery. 

Even the best addiction treatment centers have patients who relapse after completing treatment. For some people, relapse is simply part of the recovery journey. However, knowing how to get the most out of rehab can help improve your chances of staying sober.

It is important to get the most out of your time in treatment so you can have the best chance at a lifelong recovery from addiction. If you or someone you love requires addiction treatment, please reach out to the staff at the Mandala Healing Center for information about the holistic programs we offer. 

Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Rehab

1. Be Realistic

Addiction recovery takes time. Be patient and engage in the program’s treatments and activities. Expect challenges. Recovery doesn’t always feel easy, but that doesn’t mean treatment isn’t working. Surround yourself with supportive people and make a plan to stay active in recovery after you finish treatment. Remember that addiction recovery is a lifelong process.

2. Speak Up

Share your story and speak up in group sessions. Ask questions and tell people if you need more support. Be honest and open with your therapists. 

3. Keep an Open Mind

Participate in all treatment activities, even if they are new or unfamiliar. To feel safe enough to try new therapies or exercises, you must trust your therapist and feel confident in the care you are receiving. 

Staying open to new experiences, communicating well with your treatment staff, and preparing to meet challenges can help you get the most out of rehab. 

Making a Plan to Get the Most Out of Addiction Treatment

When it comes to getting the most out of your time in rehab, a little planning can make a big difference. A lot depends on how you approach going to rehab. Keeping an open mind and being prepared can help you get the most out of addiction treatment and not just go through the motions.

Step 1: Find the right treatment

Your doctor or addiction specialist will help determine which level of care you require. You may need inpatient or residential treatment, or you may be able to participate in an outpatient program. Look for a facility that offers high-quality treatment and can meet any mental health or medical needs you have.

Step 2: Learn about addiction and recovery

Before starting treatment, learn as much as you can about addiction, treatment, and recovery. Knowing what to expect at each stage of recovery can help you make decisions about your care, trust the process, and stay engaged.

Step 3: Identify and avoid triggers

Knowing what situations, dates, people, or places may trigger a relapse can help you stay focused on your recovery. During treatment, you will have the chance to do some of this work in group and individual therapy sessions.

Step 4: Give yourself enough time

Follow your medical and addiction professionals’ advice about how long to stay in treatment. Make a plan to stay active and engaged in recovery after finishing the program.

Step 5: Make connections

You will need plenty of support during rehab and afterward. This can come in the form of supportive friends and family members or others in recovery. It may also include therapists, doctors, and addiction counselors. Many people find connection and support from joining a support group or alumni network in their community. 

The most important step that can help you get the most out of addiction treatment is to know that you are receiving high-quality, whole-self care. Take care to choose a facility that offers holistic, comprehensive treatment that will prepare you for lifelong success in recovery. 

Learn More About How to Get the Most Out of Rehab at the Mandala Healing Center

If you or someone you love needs substance abuse treatment or support during recovery, reach out to the caring staff at the Mandala Healing Center. We offer a range of holistic substance abuse treatment programs that are designed to empower people as they work to overcome addiction. 

We know that addiction does not only affect the body–it impacts the mind and spirit, too. Our programs combine evidence-based addiction treatment and holistic, healing therapies that support all parts of the people we serve. Call today to learn about how to get started in one of our life-changing programs.