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How Can An Interventionist in West Palm Beach Help My Addicted Loved One?

Family relationships can be complex, especially when one or more family members are struggling with addiction. Watching a loved one suffer consequences as a result of their substance abuse isn’t easy, and living with an addict or alcoholic can be even harder. And, people who struggle with addiction often get defensive, upset, or angry when confronted about their problem.

If you try to confront your loved one about going to rehab, there is no way to predict how he or she will react. Your loved one may deny having a problem, get angry and shift the blame on you, or ignore your concerns and storm out of the room. You may not know how to handle these reactions or what steps to take. A professional substance abuse interventionist in West Palm Beach can help you stage an intervention and convince your addicted loved one to get help.

What is an Interventionist and What is Their Role?

An interventionist is someone who helps families confront their loved ones about drug or alcohol abuse. They also facilitate treatment referrals to local drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Many substance abuse interventionists are certified drug and alcohol counselors. They are trained in crisis intervention, de-escalation, substance abuse, and mental health. While the ultimate goal of a substance abuse interventionist is to help struggling individuals go to treatment, they play a variety of different roles in the intervention process.

Before the actual intervention is held, the counselor will meet with your family, friends, and other members of the intervention. They will educate the group about the disease of addiction, what rehab is like, what the different treatment options are, and what the intervention process is like. Understanding these different topics is crucial for a successful intervention.

Once the entire team is on the same page, the interventionist will help you and your team devise a plan for the intervention. You will do things like:

  • Pick a time and place to host the intervention
  • Write down what everyone wants to say during the intervention
  • Discuss the different treatment options
  • Learn how to set boundaries
  • Get support for family members who need additional help

When you hire a substance abuse interventionist in West Palm Beach, you can rest assured that your intervention will go smoothly. Interventionists help keep the discussion calm and productive so you have the best chances of a successful intervention.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Addiction Interventionist

Drug and alcohol interventionists in West Palm Beach are trained in mediation and counseling techniques that the average person does not know. They also have extensive knowledge and training working with people with addictions and mental health disorders. They have helped numerous people and families just like yours get the help they need for their loved ones. There are many ways you can benefit from hiring a professional interventionist, including:

  • Having a professional drug and alcohol counselor on-hand to evaluate the person struggling
  • Getting the opinion and guidance of someone who specializes in interventions and crisis training
  • Obtaining treatment referrals to trusted drug and alcohol rehab centers in your area
  • Allowing someone else to take care of the treatment admissions process so you don’t have to
  • Making sure interventions stay productive, calm, and solution-oriented

When you stage an intervention without a professional, you may face undesirable outcomes. Your emotions may drive the intervention, making it unsuccessful. Or, you may go into the intervention inadequately prepared. Any misstep can lead to your loved one refusing to get help. Fortunately, interventions can be an extremely powerful process when led by a professional interventionist.

When Its Time To Hire an Interventionist

In some circumstances, you may be unsure if you should hire an interventionist for help. Some people, after reaching a place of emotional desperation, will agree to go to rehab when confronted with the option of treatment. However, it isn’t always that simple. Here are a few circumstances during which hiring an interventionist in West Palm Beach is in your best interest.

  • Your loved one has underlying mental health conditions and needs specialized help
  • The subject of the intervention regularly denies any type of help
  • Your loved one has been to rehab, relapsed, and feels as though they don’t need to go back to rehab
  • The individual has a history of violence or aggression
  • Your loved one has a history of suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Tensions are high in the home and relationships are not at their best
  • All other options or attempts to get the person help have failed

An interventionist can handle all of the details for you so you can focus on yourself and your family. And, their involvement in the intervention process can mean the difference between rehab and continued addiction for your loved one.

Contact a Substance Abuse Interventionist in West Palm Beach Today

There is no right or wrong time to stage an intervention, but the best time is sooner than later. If your family is worried about a loved one and would like to learn more about the intervention process or if you have someone who is willing to get help, but you are unsure of where to turn, we can help. Please call us today at Mandala Healing Center. One of our intervention specialists will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the care you need.