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7 Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab in Florida

Drug addiction can have a lasting impact on many areas of your life. Your health, emotional well-being, and relationships can suffer as substance abuse becomes the center of your life. Prolonged periods of drug abuse can change the way your brain and body function, making it incredibly challenging to stop using these addictive substances on your own. Most people require comprehensive treatment to safely stop using drugs and maintain sobriety.

People’s needs differ during addiction treatment, so there are several levels of care and treatment approaches available. Inpatient drug rehab programs provide the highest, most intensive level of care for those requiring significant support to overcome substance abuse.

This article will detail what to expect from an inpatient drug rehab in Florida and seven of the most significant benefits of this level of care. If you or someone you love requires inpatient addiction treatment, reach out to the specialists at the Mandala Healing Center now to learn about our holistic programs.

What Happens in an Inpatient Drug Rehab?

During an inpatient drug rehab program, people receive intensive, structured treatment for substance abuse while living in the treatment facility. Inpatient programs are typically 30, 60, or 90 days long, but the length of time someone spends in treatment depends on the severity of their addiction and other factors.

Typically, people undergo an assessment before beginning inpatient drug rehab. This assessment allows their team to identify issues that may complicate detox or treatment. Then, people go through a medically-supported detox program. During detox, medical and support staff monitor people around the clock and provide medications to help reduce cravings and other symptoms.

After detox and stabilization are complete, people begin to follow a comprehensive treatment plan that includes behavioral therapies, group support, and other support to overcome the physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects of their substance use.

Throughout the rehab program, the treatment team monitors people’s progress and adjusts their treatment programs as needed.

7 Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab programs provide structured, holistic care for drug addiction. They are designed to support the complex mental health and medical needs of people with co-occurring disorders, those with severe substance use disorders, and anyone else requiring intensive treatment to overcome substance use.

Here are seven of the most significant benefits of inpatient drug rehab programs.

1. Structure

One of the biggest benefits of inpatient addiction treatment programs in Florida is that they provide a lot of structure. Each day, people follow a carefully-created schedule of therapy, rest, support groups, screenings, and other activities that promote recovery and healing. People have adequate time to do what they need, and the schedule encourages people to focus solely on their recovery without the distractions of everyday life.

2. Medical supervision

Drug withdrawal can be uncomfortable–and sometimes dangerous. Round-the-clock access to medical care in an inpatient drug rehab program can keep people safe and comfortable during detox and throughout treatment.

3. Mental health support

Addiction is a complex condition that affects a person’s body and mind. While detox is essential, mental health support is equally important. Participating in individual, group, and family therapy sessions lets people uncover and heal the roots of their substance use and learn new skills to avoid relapse in the future. With all-day care and peer support, individuals have the guidance they need to navigate and heal from mental health conditions.

4. Community

For many, drug addiction can feel lonely and isolating. An inpatient drug rehab program provides a community of peers who are all going through the same healing process. People can share their experiences in a non-judgmental environment during group therapy and recreation. This can reduce loneliness and help people create new, healthy connections.

5. Aftercare planning

Addiction doesn’t disappear when people leave rehab. It’s important to stay active and engaged in recovery after completing treatment. In an inpatient drug rehab program, people have the opportunity to connect with community resources and programs that will help them stay sober after rehab, including mental health and medical care, therapy, 12-step meetings, sober living, and more.

6. A sober environment

One of the most significant benefits of inpatient drug rehab programs is that they ensure a safe, drug-free environment. Being around drugs is one of the biggest triggers for people in recovery from addiction. Going through treatment in a secure, controlled environment where drugs are not present can help people avoid relapse.

7. Higher success rates

Research suggests that people who attend inpatient drug rehab programs have more treatment retention, better outcomes during recovery, and higher rates of success in maintaining sobriety for life. The intensive treatment and holistic care provided in an inpatient program can give people the best foundation for the rest of their recovery journey.

An inpatient drug rehab in Florida can give you the structured, high-quality care you need in the safest environment available. Reach out to an addiction specialist or doctor to determine if this level of care is right for you.

Find Inpatient Drug Rehab in Florida

If you or someone you love requires inpatient addiction treatment, the care you need is available at the Mandala Healing Center. Contact our team now to learn about our holistic inpatient drug rehab in Florida or to schedule an intake assessment.